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Transforming Your Pool Deck with Expert Craftsmanship


At Liberty Mason Work, we're all about providing the best pool deck service in the Greater New York Metro Area. We use our skills and commitment to excellence to ensure your pool deck is exactly what you want and stands out for all the right reasons.


Innovative Pool Deck Installation


First, we assess your space and what you need for your pool deck. Then, we use new methods and top-notch materials to create a strong and attractive base. Whether you want concrete or pavers, our options fit your style and budget.


Custom Design Solutions


Every pool deck is different, so we create custom designs for you. Our team listens to what you want and figures out what you need, creating a design that fits your outdoor area perfectly and makes it look even better. Our expertise can make it happen whether you like modern or classic styles.

Seamless Integration with Pool Features


A good pool deck complements your pool, making your outdoor space feel like one big oasis. We add special touches like built-in seating and nice lights to ensure everything looks great and works well together. We aim to make your outdoor space look and work even better.


Our Pool Deck Services Includes:


Repairs & Installations:


Our pool deck services cover everything from fixing problems to installing new decks so your pool area stays safe, works well, and looks great for a long time.


Paver Stone Pool Decks:


Make your pool area look amazing with paver stone decks that our skilled team installs perfectly to make them last and look stunning.


Blue Stone:


Try out blue stone for a tough, timeless pool deck that adds elegance to your outdoor space.


Interlocking Pavers:


Get a versatile and cool-looking pool deck with interlocking pavers that our experts install smoothly and last a long time.

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Pool Deck to Walkway to Patio Design:


Make your pool area look even better by connecting the deck to walkways and patios for a seamless outdoor space that looks and works great.




Add natural charm to your pool area with stonework that our skilled artisans make look rustic and inviting.




Get a flat and even pool deck with our flatwork services that give you the perfect base for your outdoor space.




Make your pool area look timeless with brickwork that adds character and charm to your outdoor space.




Choose concrete for a tough and versatile pool deck that our experts pour and finish to last and look good.


Custom Pool Decks:


Let us make your dream pool deck with custom designs that fit your style and make your outdoor area unique.

Wrap-Around Pool Decks:


Make the most of your pool area with wrap-around decks that give you plenty of space to relax and have fun outside.


Pool Decks with Raised Sections:


Add interest to your pool deck with cool raised parts, giving you more space to hang out.


Custom Patterned Patios:


Make your pool area stand out with custom patterns on your patio that show off your style and make your outdoor space look great.


Retaining Walls:


Retaining walls, built to last and add beauty to your outdoor space, will keep your pool area looking good and staying strong. Our experts build them to last.


Sitting Walls:


Get more seating for your pool area with sitting walls that give you extra places to sit and make your outdoor space look even better.




Make your pool area peaceful and beautiful with waterfalls that add tranquility and the sound of flowing water to your outdoor space.

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